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Lion L’s Memoir of Service
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Lion L

Lion L with Mayor Kathy

Cocuzzi at Westerville’s

Apple Butter Festival.

  Lion L serves as a Knight for the Blind. He helps Central Ohio Communities in assisting the Blind and Visually Impaired through fundraising and other Service Projects. Lion L would like to help out with any service projects or fundraising event please email him at lionloh5@gmail.com

“Happy 10th Birthday Lion L”

Lion L,     For ten years you have been serving Central Ohio Communities as a Knight for the Blind.  You have assisting the blind and the visually impaired through fundraising and other Service Projects. Over the years you have been part of countless smiles, high fives and even tears as you walked the halls of Childrens Hospital, Conventions and even through the streets of Westerville, Reynoldsburg, and Plain City.  You have rode on many of floats and walked in many parades all over Central Ohio.  You even was present when an International President flew into Ohio. You have received smiles, and thank you from men, women and children of all ages. So on behalf of everyone I hope you have a Happy Birthday and thank you for your service.