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Lions are men and women dedicated to serving those in need, whether in their own community or halfway around the world. Membership in a Lions club provides people with the opportunity to meet and work with other individuals in a spirit of fellowship, striving toward the common goal of helping those in need. Through their mutual concern of others, members have the opportunity to improve both their local and world communities and develop valuable personal and professional skills.

Why I should become a Lion

The BENEFITS of Lions clubs membership are numerous, and include: _ The unparalleled satisfaction of helping those in need. _ Making a difference in your community. _ Having an impact on those in need worldwide. _ Developing leadership skills. _ Enhancing communication skills. _ Utilizing planning and organization skills. _ Working hands-on to meet community needs. _ Meeting new people – from your community and abroad. _ Opportunities to network. _ Opportunities to travel.


State GMT has come up with many different tools that will help

you promote your club and to get your club story out there. 

These tools will also help you find new members as well.

Limtted Edition Centennial Membership Awards

Invinting members during our Centennial Celebration you have the opportunity to earn a Limitted Edition Centennial Membership awards.
Membership Resouces Below you will find a list of resources that deal with Membship.  Click on the button and you will find everything you will need.  
MYLCI Lion Club Secretaries, MyLCI  is used to file reports, pay bills electronically and share news. To  update your club information, service projects, and add new members just click the button below  
Membership award Centennial Membship Lapel Pin   To order you new centennial new membership packets click on the button below.
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