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There is no secret. The most effective Lions clubs regularly identify ways to expand their humanitarian service impact, develop leaders, and meet club members’ needs and expectations. In short, they take care to ensure they continually bring value to the community and to club members. Like any worth while project, it is important to develop and implement a plan or a “blueprint” to guide your actions. The plan may change over time as new needs arise and opportunities are identified, but following a well thought our plan is critical to club success.  Want to know about Blueprint For Stronger Club? Just click on the picture and download it. The first step to ensuring your members have a positive experience is to know what they want from membership in your Lions club.  Understanding what your memebers think about being a Lion will help you direct your efforts. Making changes based on your club members needs and desires is the key to a good experience for them.  To learn more about your members satisfaction just click on the Memebership Satisfaction Guide. Public relations involves all forms of communication. Good Public relations is informing the community of the work your club is doing and it will help foster community support. Public relations can even support your club’s membership efforts. People want to belong to a successful and reliable organization. By actively promoting your club and its programs, you’ll be projecting a positive image in the community and showing that your club is worth joining.    
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