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Sight and Hearing

Sight and Hearing

For nearly 100 years, Lions clubs have been working to improve their communities through projects and programs.  Each club is unique in how it serves. A Lions club in or near your community may sponsor a program that provides assistance for the purchase of eye glasses, hearing aids, health-related services, scholarship or education. for more information on programs or any quesstions about sight and hearing committee please contact : Lion Bob Medley Vision Screening If you are looking to do a vision screening in public school you will need to use SureSight Vision Screener. All information is located to the left If you are looking to do a vision screening outside of schools or would like information on the other two vision screeners. Please click on their name and you will be taken right to their website. The Spot Vision Screener Pulsoptix Vision Screener VSP Voucher Information 2017 FPL Voucher Tracking  VSP Voucher Procedure
Suresight Vision Screener If you are looking for information about training coorinators, training information and forms on the SureSight Vision Screen Machine?
Eye Care Fund The District Eye Care Fund is teaming up with Kroger Community Rewards to provide eye care for the needy! The process is simple; register your Kroger Plus Card to match with the Eye Care Fund, and for the next year eligible purchases count towards this program.
How to Enroll Fequently Asked Questions District13OH5 Goal of tripling our humanitarian impact by serving 200 million people per year by 2021 SureSight (WASS) T. Video Vision Screening Manual Help save a child eyesight Vision Screening Consent Form Vision Screening Record Form Parents Screening Results Qick Reference Guide